When it comes to predicting who will win the elections, some regions are very easy to forecast. Having voted for the same party in each election, these “strongholds” are the least competitive regions and in some ways, not very much worth fighting for. 

Here are the top 5:

  • #2 – Ashanti: the NPP’s main stronghold has a competitiveness score of 56.4. Any score below 75 is rated as very non-competitive by our Competitiveness Index. Expect the NPP to win about 71% of the votes in this region in any generic election.

  • #3 – Oti: another safe region for the NDC. This newly created region has a Competitiveness Index of 68.5. 

  • #4 – Upper East: with a Competitiveness Score of 71.6, the Upper East region is a safe region for NDC and boasts the party’s strongest support in the North.

  • #5 – Upper West: not too far behind the Upper East Region, the Upper West is another safe region for NDC. With a score of 73.0, it is a solidly rated ‘Non-competitive’ region by our Regional Competitive Index.
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