Regional Competitive Index

Our Regional Competitive Index is a ranking of how competitive Presidential Elections are in a given region. This index builds upon our Regional Partisan Lean to measure the gap between the strength of the leading party in a region and all other parties, on a scale from 0 to 100.

The higher the score, the more competitive the region is. Conversely, a lower score denotes a non-competitive region (aka a stronghold)

Greater Accra98.5Highly competitive
Central95.3Highly competitive
Bono91.7Very competitive
Ahafo90.8Very competitive
Western86.4Very competitive
North East82.7Moderately competitive
Bono East82.3Moderately competitive
Northern80.1Weakly competitive
Eastern77.3Weakly competitive
Western North75.0Weakly competitive
Upper West73.0Non-competitive
Upper East71.6Non-competitive
Volta19.9Very non-competitive
Ranking of all regions on a Competitiveness scale (0 – 100)