Two weeks and 516 responses later, we now have the results of our August Opinion Poll and there were definitely some minor surprises. Contrary to some of the polls that other outlets have published, our poll revealed about 20% of voters are still undecided!


  • On the question of choice for president, Nana Addo led with 46.6% support but a whopping 20% of respondents said they were yet to decide on a candidate. 

  • John Mahama registered 24.8% of the support with 8.6% saying they plan to vote for a 3rd party or independent candidate. 

  • The relatively large share of undecided voters shouldn’t come as a surprise as we are still more than 90 days away from the election. 

  • We expect the share of undecided voters to drop over the next few months. As of now, we can’t tell who the majority of undecided voters will end up backing. 

  • Given the significant number of undecided voters, it stands to reason that both the NDC and NPP have some serious work to do to convince voters to give them a shot this year. 

  • The high number of undecideds also suggest that the race is still anyone’s game, and while our model predicts that Nana Addo is favored to win, victory is far from certain. 

  • In the coming days, we will bring you deeper analyses of the poll and how our model responded to the results. In the meantime, you can view the full set of results here.
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