Ghana continues to see a relatively flat growth rate in Covid-19 recoveries. In the past week, the share of recoveries has increased from 37.6% to 37.9% while the share of active cases has declined from 62.4% to 62.1%. These two metrics give us one of the most accurate pictures on the state of the pandemic in Ghana.

Here’s why:

  • One of the most important milestones in the fight against a pandemic is the point at which there are more people who’ve recovered than there are people who are still sick. By comparing the share of active cases to recoveries overtime, we can tell if the pandemic is slowing down, speeding up or remaining flat.

  • In Ghana, it appears this ratio is remaining flat – there is neither a sharp increase in the recovery rate nor a sharp decrease in the share of active cases.

  • As of June 8th, 37.9% of infected persons have since recovered compared to 62.1% who are still sick from the virus.

  • Compared to a week prior when the share of recoveries stood at 37.6% while the share of active cases stood at 62.4%.

  • Not much movement in the past week. However, when you look all the way back to May 9th when we started tracking this metric, you see a steep drop sometime around May 13th and then a shallow progression from that time onwards.
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