From May 9th to May 18th, the share of recoveries out of the total number of confirmed cases almost quadrupled from 8.82% to 30.74%. That’s good news but there still remains a long way ahead as the share of active cases now stands at 69.26%.

Diving deeper:

  • The trend line for active cases from May 9th to 18th has shown a steady decline out of the total of all confirmed cases.
  • As of May 9th, 91.18% of confirmed cases were still active. By the 18th of May, that number had dropped to 69.26%
  • That represents an average daily drop of 2.2% in active cases.
  • While the drop might seem modest, in real terms it translates to almost 1,400 fewer active cases.
  • This is a sign of progress in our fight against the virus but with almost 70% of confirmed cases still showing as active, it’s too early to call this a victory. We still have a long way to go.
  • With rigorous testing, contact tracing and other efforts aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus, we should see a sustained drop in the share of active cases.
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