When we look at the distribution of cases in West Africa, one of the peculiar things that stands out is the relatively high incidence of the virus in Ghana.

Here’s why:

  • As of writing, there are about 25,728 cases of the outbreak in West Africa.

  • Ghana currently has 6,096 of those cases – the second highest in absolute numbers after Nigeria.

  • That’s 23.7% of all the confirmed cases in West Africa; a relatively high number when you consider Ghana’s population to be only 7.7% of West Africa’s total.

  • At roughly 3x the share of our population, we lead the sub-region in the number of cases per capita.

  • A similar trend is observed when we cast our net wider to look at all of Africa.

  • 6.6% of all cases in Africa are in Ghana. But only 2.5% of Africa’s population lives in Ghana!
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