Relative to it’s share of Covid-19 cases in West Africa, Ghana has a really low death rate. The ratio of Ghana’s share of Covid-19 cases to its share of deaths is about 4.3.

Here’s what it means:

  • Out of the 26,154 confirmed cases in West Africa, 540 have died.

  • In Ghana, the number of deaths is 31 as of the time of this post. That’s about 5.6% of the total number of deaths in the sub-region.

  • In contrast, Nigeria leads the region with 200 deaths, representing 36% of the regional total.

  • The implication of this is that the recovery rate in Ghana is far outstripping the mortality rate. As of this writing, roughly 30.3% of infected Ghanaians have recovered from the virus.

  • When we expand our scope to look at all of Africa, Ghana accounts for only 1% of Covid-19 deaths.

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