Ghana continues to see progress in its fight against Covid-19. As of June 1st, the share of recoveries had climbed to 35%, up from a low of 8.8% three weeks ago.

What of the doubling rate?

  • To help determine if cases are speeding up or slow down, we launched a small model that estimates the rate at which cases are doubling.

  • By tracking this metric we are able to see if it’s taking longer for the virus to spread or if it’s quickening. Per our last update, the doubling rate was 21 days.

  • As of May 29th, it is now every 25 days. Eventually as the virus continues to slow down, the length of time it takes for confirmed cases will keep doubling until eventually cases fall to 0.

  • Another useful metric we are looking at is the share of recoveries compared to the share of active cases. This gives us a complete picture of the progression of the pandemic in Ghana over time.

  • Per the graph above, the share of recoveries has been rising steadily even as the share of active cases continues to decline slowly.

  • Eventually, the two graphs will cross at an inflection point – signaling that there are more recovered persons than sick persons with the virus. We are working on estimating when this inflection point will occur and will post an update soon.
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