The Vote233 Mobile App

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A polling app like no other

Vote233 features a chat-based polling app that allows you to register your support for specific candidates and weigh in on where you stand on specific policy issues.

The Latest Forecast Updates On The Go

With the app, our latest changes to the national and regional forecasts are delivered straight to your device. Be the first to know via notifications, once the forecasts are updated

National Forecast

Updates to our national forecast are first published to the app before making its way to the website. Stay ahead of the news as its made

Regional Forecast

Our regional forecasts keeps you informed on where each candidate stands in all 16 regions. Using the same format as our national forecast, the regional projections give you a picture as to who has the best chance to win the majority of votes in each region.

See The Results Of Each Poll

Stay in the know with the results of each poll. Polling is a big component of our how we generate the elections forecast. As you vote through the app, you are contributing to our models and democracy.

Be An Informed Citizen!

Our app features articles and analysis of the key forces that shape elections in Ghana. Each forecast update or published poll results comes with a concise write-up on what the latest changes are and its implications for December 7th.

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The app is live and ready for you to download. A version for iOS is in the works! Stay tuned