In part 1 of this series, we started to make the case for John Mahama to pick a Vice Presidential candidate from one of the NDC’s strongholds rather than from a swing region. In this piece, we dive deeper into which regions should top the list of factors to consider.

The deep dive:

  • The NDC has 8 stronghold regions from which to pick a VP: Bono East, Northern, Oti, Savannah, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and Western North.

  • So if John Mahama were to pick his running mate from one of the party’s strongholds, where does it make sense to start?

  • For starters, John Mahama himself is from the North. As such doubling down on a northern candidate may not boost the NDC’s fortunes by much.

  • That leaves the 4 southern strongholds as contenders and per our Regional Partisan Lean, all 4 regions hold strong advantages for the NDC.

  • And from our Competitive Index, they rank amoung some of the leads competitive regions in the country.

  • However, seeing that the NDC suffered defeat four years ago in part because of a drop in turnout in the Volta Region, it stands to reason that picking a VP candidate from that region could work to excite the party’s base again.

  • Additionally of the 4 southern strongholds, it is the most populous and presents the best chance of a win.

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